The Mafia Boss, Me and My Babies

The Mafia Boss, Me and My Babies

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Meet Charlotte Angels, a daughter of a mafia boss. For Charlotte, her life is already meaningless. She feels pity for herself. With an uncaring father, a whore mother, a hateful brother and a good-for-nothing-lowlife-devil of a fiance, all she ever thought of was ending her life, but she could not bring herself to kill herself.

So she ran. Ran away from pain. Ran away from misery. Ran away from the place she hated the most in the whole world. She ran where her feet carried her. Leading her to bump into THE MOST POWERFUL MAFIA known to man.

Jayden Montreal.

And at last, she had met the person who could grant her wish, she knew that it was him who could grant her wish.

With a gun pointed towards her, all she wished at that moment was to let him end her suffering and misery by pulling the trigger.

'Please kill me now.' was her last thought before closing her eyes and finally smiling her first and last smile... or so she thought.

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nevermindsrsly nevermindsrsly Dec 30, 2017
It does indeed... but the person doesnt give fudge about her 😓 .. sorry, I didn't know how to portray him as a heartless guy (except for the earlier scene) ...
LaLaStegall LaLaStegall May 16, 2017
that was the longest first chapter of my life i thought i was reading the whole story at one go 😂😂😂😊❤️, but i like it it's so detailed and love the switch pov
readingall readingall Dec 29, 2017
This makes no is she wearing heels when she was shot in the foot.
QueenDiamond95 QueenDiamond95 Oct 25, 2016
Nosebleed na me!
                              But, kerebles.. Hahaha.. 
                              I like your story author.. Hahha interesting
Jhamrie15 Jhamrie15 Sep 11, 2016
Wow I never thought that it was just the fist chapter of this story I thought i was in the fooutth or fifth chapter.