I am no Man. [Legolas FanFic]

I am no Man. [Legolas FanFic]

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A Legolas FanFiction

Legolas and Anya has known and hated each other since the Valar knows when, with their parents playing Match Makers makes them both hate each other. Legolas and Anya always fought and teased each other and sometimes plays pranks on each other.

but a 100 years later when they meet again and are force to marry each other, 

Anya and Legolas work together to break the arranged marriage deal but along the way they didn't expect something to pop up. Will they both regret their silly plan in the future or will they go on with it?

Find out in 'I am no Man' to see who gets heart broken, who dies and who ends up with who.

"I do not own Lord of the Rings or Legolas or anybody they are owned by Tolkien except I do own Anastasia Forester and her mother, some of the ideas are from the Swan Princess owned by Richard Rich"

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bkwrmfangrl bkwrmfangrl Sep 01, 2017
I'm picturing Legolas with his hair in a really high ponytail😂
Awesomemaddog Awesomemaddog Jun 21, 2015
omg swan princess reference!!!...dont ask me how I kmow that...
loveHPnipnopnatje loveHPnipnopnatje May 20, 2015
this whole thing is like in the swan princess!!! isn't it?! XD
Swan Princess, man I was hoping that they would sing the the song with some tweeks
Astronomical_Ideals Astronomical_Ideals Apr 27, 2014
Omg! This reminds me of a berenstiens bears book! I have it and they do something exactly like this!
penguin75 penguin75 Apr 27, 2014
Is this supposed to be like the swan princess? It's really good. Quotes from the movie and everything