My Badboy Neighbour

My Badboy Neighbour

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(UNDER PROCESS OF EDITING)18 year old melody lives an ordinary life but it changes when a sex god moves in to the house next to her. 

She wants a Relationship and love while he just wants the pleasure he desires. 

So what happens when the annoying jerk sparks a unrecognized interest to melody? As the saying goes... There's a thin line between love and hate. But what exactly will happen if the unknown is known between them, it's definitely not BAM happy ending! Might be more like 'Sh*t what have we got our selves into'. 

Will she let him get to her or will she be the stubborn girl she is. Will he stay as a badboy or change?

Or will both their life's suddenly change. 

CLICHE BOOK!!!! But with maybe different twists and obviously different thoughts, view, scenarios etc... 

(I suck at descriptions sorry but the book should be better, hope so anyway)


"Like what you see?" he asked, a soft smirk playing on his lips.

"I think I've seen better" I smirked back. 

Lies. Lies. Lies. Absolute bullsh*t. 

I didn't know where I got my confidence to talk to a hot stranger like that. I would have imagined myself dramatically fainting now. 

He started walking slowly to me and I quickly responded by backing away. My eyes widened and I mentally cursed when his big, warm hands grabbed my small waist.

"Lying is a sin doll" he whispered in my ear.

***please give my book a chance, if you don't like it respectfully move on.  ***

Please do not copy my book.....I WILL TRACK YOU DOWN. Jks no but if you want to use anything ask me first.

❗️❗️❗️IMPORTANT❗️❗️❗️-the first chapter like up to 7 are bad, they are crap I know but if you give the rest a try it's more mature and better.  


I expected it to start off bad since you said the first chapters were crap. However it was actually good! 
                              I look forward to reading it!🙂
makiagirl makiagirl Apr 28
Your book is very good and interesting great job❤️🍵💯🙏🏽