Stupid | Misha Collins | Teacher/student

Stupid | Misha Collins | Teacher/student

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Kate Hiddleston By mishamiigos Updated Jan 12, 2017

"It doesn't matter. Age is just a number, Miss Darcy." He advances to me, closing the gap with his body. Taking a strand of my hair.

"It does when that number is your student! What the hell, this shit is illegal!"


Its Darcy's first day since her accident. She's a straight A honor student and she plans on keeping it that way. She has goals and determination. Nothing will distract her from this.

But then Mr. Collins happens.

Oh, how do things change for the two.

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KimTARDIS KimTARDIS Sep 24, 2017
Of course it's Bellamy flirting with her, he's good looking so she probably has a strong sense of dignity I don't have 😏
makenzach makenzach Sep 04, 2016
Im not trying to correct you, but wouldnt it be "te amo, perrito" because perro is masculine no matter what? I dont really know, just curious
mishamiigos mishamiigos Sep 09, 2016
@Makenzack for the sake of the book, here in that family perrita se usa como cariño, I know that's weird haha pero es poco difícil de explicar. But you are absolutely correct @_Miss_Collins_ and thank you for clarifying about te amo y te quiero
GeekyChick0223 GeekyChick0223 Jul 13, 2016
Dude, I love you for this exact reason. Finally someone says what needs to be said!
SoundlessFOB SoundlessFOB Aug 25, 2016
*g f# b e...*
                              When I was a young boy
                              My father
                              Took me into the city 
                              To see a marching band