[COMPLETED] undertale zodiacs

[COMPLETED] undertale zodiacs

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❀ First Undertale zodiacs book on Wattpad ❀

» Humor that is appearantly funny?
» Fandom crossovers chapter is published and is chapter 154.
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❀ I'm  just desperate to be friends with all of you so don't be intimidated! I love all of you~! :'3 ❀

✦ The first... 50/70 chapters or so are very old, and I had just started the book so they're very careless and bad. Excuse me >< I swear, I'm much more mature now. ✦ 

[U N E D I T E D]

➛ A FEW CHAPTERS WERE FALSE SUE ME- im not a Pisces, I'm a Taurus. I just find myself to be more of a Pisces. :'D  ❀

Aquadragon53 Aquadragon53 6 days ago
I hate that I'm a Virgo now. Note to all Leos: SO FRIGGIN' JEALOUS!
ScaryShipper ScaryShipper 3 days ago
'Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?'
                              ME- no, I crawled up frim hell.