Miraculous Ladybug Oneshots

Miraculous Ladybug Oneshots

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chat's hoe By xXBookwormFangirlXx Updated Dec 29, 2016

Hey guys! Here's a compilation of Adrienette, Ladynoir, Marichat and Ladrien Oneshots (And maybe some Nalya) :)) I'm having so much fun making these oneshots and I hope y'all will have fun reading it too ❤️

I'll try my best to update everyday! 

Notice: I do not own any characters in the book unless stated. The cover and edits  are strictly mine.

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Or maybe he is just nervous she hates him
                              For no
                              NO YOU WILL
                              IF YOU DONT YOU DIE
This is reminding me too much of SVTFOE, and its killing me even more, since I'm waiting for season 3. I swear Tom better go torture someone to make him a life before season 3 starts.
You think someone as dense as Adrien couldn't hide his feelings for Marinette and give those subtle hints. Huh. My mom was right. Live long enough, you see (read) everything. I swear though, rn Adrien is like pulling a Jedi and bending the laws of the universe.
2 days ago I had a mini breakdown in class. I wiped my eyes by pretending to put my head down. When I looked back up I was sure my eyes were red. And I'm sure they were.
                              But no one noticed.
GOD DAM- *inhales deeply* Adrien, my boy, you're a little dense ball of shiz