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Have you ever think about who or what will end your feeling of bored being such an ugly one? Everyone just mentally feel so pity of you, it sucks, totally sucks. Life without any sort of guy who loves you but daddy, always try to be nice but they got different means all the time. They had a special nickname for you which sound isn't nice, weakness.  

Feel so bad when some friend ask you to hang out with to buy kind of pretty dress which is fits imperfectly on your fat body. You were try to imitate all teenagers did like parties, outfits, mall, make up, technology, group, and crush. And it going to be worse and worse.

Those me. Isabella. 

"Memang cinta tidak diperuntukkan untuk kaum sepertiku." -Isabella Gilbert-

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whoisbrian-imyoungk whoisbrian-imyoungk Jul 30, 2017
Everyone said that he will like you if u lose some weight, u will look prettier bla bla bla. Forget it. Hahaha #apasih
Wahhh_ Wahhh_ Jun 16, 2016
Hy kaka, mampir keceritaku yuk
                              Judulnya bullying in love
                              Vomentnya jangan lupa ok..
TienaCyute TienaCyute Dec 07, 2016
Ahhhhhh Jadi inget sama sailor moon 
                              The meatball hair 😂😂😂😂😂 Adrian say meatball hair