Lives In Two Worlds (Minecraft Diaries X Reader X Undertale)

Lives In Two Worlds (Minecraft Diaries X Reader X Undertale)

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❄GreyyMaehh❄ By GreyMae_ Updated Aug 16

Being in one world is easy, right?
But what if a person doesn't want that world?

Forgetting that people still cared for this girl. Some sort of amnesia, like that..

Y/n L/n, a girl who is suicidal, suicided not a long time ago.

She thought it is all over after her death, but what if another two world awaits? 

Minecraft Diaries X
X Undertale

So, I change some stuff a little.. 
Just read the book if you're interested.

I do NOT own Minecraft Diaries and I do NOT own Undertale. 

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Bah bai!

~Yer Author

Mi_Mitty218 Mi_Mitty218 Sep 30
I try not to be a social person but people keep bothering me
Probably we ripped her eyes out and shove them down her throat
...........YOU BETTER RUN YOU LITTLE- *Gets dragged away by Laurance*
0-o Aw now your making me wanna know how she was killed. I killed them because they touched Garroth~Senpai and made fun of Sanspai...the worst part is...I'm being yandere Chan for Halloween...XD
_XxEmberxX_ _XxEmberxX_ Aug 18
Did she touch Senpai?! I think she did! You have to die now!! Sorry not sorry!😡😆☠
Ok I don't want to know how so Thnx's for not putting it😊🙃🙂