Die Another Day

Die Another Day

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Baileigh Higgins By BaileighHiggins Updated a day ago

#2 In the Series. Sequel to Last Another Day

Haunted by the death of his beloved, Logan wanders the streets and highways in search of redemption.
Alone and frightened, Nadia, runs not only from the infected but also the guilt that hounds her very footsteps.
Faced with the ever-growing hordes of undead, Max and Breytenbach fight a daily battle to keep their loved ones alive. 

Their salvation lies in the hands of a girl, lost in the African bushveldt. Can one young girl be the savior they're looking for? Or is it already too late?

Nocturnum_Delerium Nocturnum_Delerium Jul 04, 2016
But as a carrier nada may hold the key lol...good job can't wait to see what happens
JD_RULE JD_RULE Apr 26, 2016
Thank u for writing this book. After the last i felt like my life was incomplete. I love it so far and cant wait for a logan chapter
Yearningsoul Yearningsoul Apr 25, 2016
@BaileighHiggins OMG I looovee Nadia so much. I want to know more about her story and why she feels guilty.
                              I hope she escapes the threat xD 
                              Thank you so much for the dedication and naming this awesome character after me 😁
Alpan_Verywell Alpan_Verywell Oct 05, 2016
I allready re-read this part again.
                              this kind of thing tahat i like about zombie novel. You're alone, you got a friend, they died, you're alone again... haha... i'll continue read the next part~ <3
Lady777 Lady777 Oct 12, 2016
Don't know if my frail heart can handle more disappointed (unexpected deaths ) , but hey here we go😉
h_coyle h_coyle May 14, 2016
Loved the new character. There is a typo in fetal which is minor but this chapter was a great starting point. Why does she blame herself for the outbreak...interesting