"Do You Even Love Me??"  ~+Cheater Shuu X Reader+~

"Do You Even Love Me??" ~+Cheater Shuu X Reader+~

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Yscha♤♡♤♡ By dannielamaceda Updated Sep 30

You are (Y/N) (L/N)...... You've been dating shuu for 3 years. One day shuu has been acting weird around you. You tried to shrug it off. But in the end you found out shuu cheated on you with no reason at all. Or is it??? He tried to say sorry but you won't listen at first....... Will you forgive him and give him a second chance?? Or be cold and move on in the end???

HimeSama- HimeSama- Aug 05
>\\\\\\\< why can I picture this so perfectly? Someone spray me with holy water.
Middle fingers up
                              Put them hands high
                              Put it in his face
                              Tell him boy bye
And I love the chapter so far and maybe after she runs away, maybe one of the other Sakamaki brothers comfort her and something like that