Bad Boy +Cold Girl= MARRYING???!

Bad Boy +Cold Girl= MARRYING???!

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Jungkookie_fan By romarachana Updated Mar 30

•Lee Hyeri is the coldest girl in school. 

•Jeon Jungkook is the bad boy who always flirts and play around with girl. 

•....but this is not their real is only use to cover their fragile side...

•Hyeri is bubbly, kind, and friendly with her family and best friend, Yura. 

•Jungkook is always happy, friendly, and cute with his group, BTS. 

•••This two some how hate each other very much. What will happen if they were arrange to marry?!

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_I_AmQueen_ _I_AmQueen_ May 10
We get it no need to emphasize that were commoners gezz what is this ouran highschool host club?
Arty7890 Arty7890 Apr 27
Joke javelin kangaroo university?
                              Jake's joking kindness university?
                              Job jungle king university?
                              Japan jiggle kick university?
                              James just Korea university?
                              I dunno. Jk's lol. Jungkook.
idonotloveBTS idonotloveBTS 5 days ago
Oh what does he play with them 
                              Ball? Tag? Hide & seek? Over watch??¿¿
_I_AmQueen_ _I_AmQueen_ May 10
                              Jimin:fine hyung calm down (-_-')
This is me i dont like pink and liked anything blue 
                              But i like pink Just for Jin
Me: * luggage done* bye. 
                              Mom: where are you going? 
                              Me: you said i'm gonna get married so i'm going to Korea to marry my one and only love Jeon Jungkook. Also i need money for plane ticket,  a lot of food,  new clothes and cat food. I got Peanut in the suitcase too.