Bad Boy +Cold Girl= MARRYING???!

Bad Boy +Cold Girl= MARRYING???!

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Jungkookie_fan By romarachanan Updated Jan 23

•Lee Hyeri is the coldest girl in school. 

•Jeon Jungkook is the bad boy who always flirts and play around with girl. 

•....but this is not their real is only use to cover their fragile side...

•Hyeri is bubbly, kind, and friendly with her family and best friend, Yura. 

•Jungkook is always happy, friendly, and cute with his group, BTS. 

•••This two some how hate each other very much. What will happen if they were arrange to marry?!

kimtaeliz kimtaeliz Dec 18, 2016
yea and what the author said was " yea im bestfriends with BTS including Jungkook. "
kimtaeliz kimtaeliz Dec 18, 2016
im weird. i hate pink but i use pink on fonts and other things. but i feel like i just dont like them. i got issues.
ilovekpop_adramas ilovekpop_adramas Dec 04, 2016
Hahahahaha Hyeri is like my main character in my book: Hyejong-ah.
I feel a little offended because jin loves pink and I love jin 😒😅😅😅
jjuanc0ck jjuanc0ck Dec 06, 2016
YASS but ma fav colours are red(I just like it but like not wear it that much), black, grey and white(aka my wardrobe) and I love sky blue as well
kimtaeliz kimtaeliz Dec 18, 2016
ayee your okay. common sense can solve the rest of the english stuffs. aight bye