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SilverHeartPrincess By SilverHeartPrincess Updated 7 days ago

Zap is the kind of girl who wants to have a many friends,  make a wonderful memories,  live as a normal student and also she wants to avoid trouble. But she can't avoid the truth that she was a GANGSTER.

But one day, unexpected incident was happened,  she have to transfer to a new school or should i say  to a new academy. The Academy that she didn't know... The academy that more on Bitches,  Nerds,  Rebels, Casanovas,  Badboys, Flirts, and lastly...Bullies. Bullies who had a leader named Zhen Lux,  Hartz or we must call the leader of the group called HANDSOME BULLIES MEN (HBM)....

WHAT IS...the role of Zhen Lux, Hartz as a Mr.  Bully?and
and also for ZAPIRA HERST KURSHWELL as a gangster girl?


     what will be happen if.................

Mr. Bully meets Ms. Gangster??

Do the world war 3 will be happen? Or the love will exist between them? 
What are you waiting  for?  READ THIS!!!  :)

queenxyryll queenxyryll Nov 14
Hi!miss A...or J.A.A HAHAHA I know who you are..di joke lang di ko sasabihin kung sino ka pero joke parin...hey classmate pag update na oi....
Dati rin po akong ganyan pero nang mabasa ng kaibigan ko yung note book ko na may story sabi nya magaling daw  ako kaya pinagkalat nya sa iba naming kaibigan tapos they give strength to me to do my stories
EllahDudin EllahDudin Oct 13
Myghad. Yeah me too I'm just 10 years old but now I write stories but still I cannot finish it because of my school studies and home works to do.😁
hi ate i think where the same at first kase i use to right at a notebooks then i draw the characters then i discover wattpad i wrote 1 story then sunod sunod na sya
Parehas po tayo :) Until now sa notebook pa rin ako nagsusulat ng stories wala pa kasi akong inspirasyon para magsulat ng stories here in wattpad. :)
Sabi nila " dont down yourself and just be happy what  you have in life ....  maging natural ka lang at maging masaya ...wag mo intindihin ang bashers or what else .... basta kung saan ka masaya dun lang  ^_^