Room mates ✗ riarkle

Room mates ✗ riarkle

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☽ By riarklestown Updated Aug 06

❝All women belong in the kitchen.❞
❝Watch it, Farkle.❞ she gave him a death glare. ❝That's where the knives are.❞

In which Riley and Farkle are sharing a co-ed college dorm, where they argue, and hate each other. Pull pranks on each other and act like a married couple.

what happens when they see each other naked by accident?

Watch it Farkle. I know how to poison you in 13 different ways
Everyone's like: Teen Wolf!!! And i'm like: Am i the only one who thought about Isaac from the fault in our stars???
daddybieber124 daddybieber124 Dec 02, 2016
Teen wolf is the first thing I thought about. Its liiitttttt!!!!
InterracialLuvDuh InterracialLuvDuh Nov 20, 2016
So unlike the Riley I know 👀
                              She'd be saying sorry and baking him cupcakes by now
InterracialLuvDuh InterracialLuvDuh Nov 20, 2016
You won't be complaining when you're screaming it 😩😭😭😂😂
penelopeminkus penelopeminkus Nov 14, 2016
she gets to share a dorm with one of the most attractive men who's ever seen this earth