Sei X Male Reader

Sei X Male Reader

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norii eue* By konbi_n Updated May 21, 2016

Dramatical Murder: Sei 
I do not own Dramatical Murder nor the characters!!

Sei (seme)!!!

Reader-kun belongs to you-of course-

This will be Ren's Route, where Aoba ends up with Ren. 

Summary: You were thrown inside Platinum Jail, to be sold however, you had managed to escape those nasty people. You wandered the streets not knowing the place, however, you were picked up by two men, who strikingly look alike and was taken inside the huge, oval building. 

This is where the story begins, with you, (M/n) and Sei

*when you meet Sei, this is before Aoba meets Sei.*

*i needed to make this! I recently started playing the game again- ren's route - and I just couldn't stand Sei gone! So in this fic, Sei doesn't die! Seriously, I couldn't //sobs// he must live! 


-Sei (seme) & (M/n) [uke] *sorry, I see him as a gentle seme. Unless it's with a different ship

-Yaoi (sexual) scenes [mature!]

-There might be a slight age difference.

I would hug the poor guy when i see him! Hugs heals the hesrt bruh! Everyone needs huggles!!
Teen_Symptoms Teen_Symptoms Sep 20, 2016
(M/n)! How could you have fainted after getting punched in the gut! Once! D:
AnimeQueen4242 AnimeQueen4242 Sep 23, 2016
Yo this reminded me of like Fairy tail where Erza would pinch Natsu and Gray in the stomach
It does remind me of fairy tail when era punches natsu in the gut on he train.
MeenaahRoosa MeenaahRoosa Nov 19, 2016
PLEASE UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SRL BEST STORY EVEEEER