School Princesses  FairyTail Fan-Fiction

School Princesses FairyTail Fan-Fiction

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Lucy, Levy , Juvia and Erza are seniors and are the popular kids in Fairy Tail High. They aren't snobby, rude, or anything bad. They may be mischievous sometimes. They are smart, pretty, and kind to their comrades. That's why people are fond of them. 

Then their are the boys natsu, gray, gajeel, and jellal are also seniors who mistake them as snobs, and brats. This little mistake changes and they fall for the group of girls. The thing is it's that the girls has no type of interest in them one their first day. They make a plan to make to make them fall for them before their senior year is done? 

Will they all get their happy endings?
People tend to have their secrets.

Ships: nalu, gruvia, gale, and jerza

Possible mistakes and errors

Natsu doesn't call them ships, he calls them boats, just a tip to make it funnier:)
Alia_Pohaku Alia_Pohaku Aug 09
                              JOIN THE NERD SIDE WE HAVE PI!!
Did I forgot to mention that it is Salmon Pink, not Pink Pink. It's S-A-L-M-O-N Pink, not P-I-N-K Pink
This should be Erza's in my opinion and the blue one should be Lucy's. :V
Alia_Pohaku Alia_Pohaku Aug 09
I felt the same way when I first heard about ships I was like why you talking bout boats. 
                              But once you join the sipping game you can never ever go back
images, I skip over the writing and picture what I want, but then it clashes with the story.