Just Your Fangirl (LeafyIsHere x Reader) {<EDITING>}

Just Your Fangirl (LeafyIsHere x Reader) {<EDITING>}

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Kitsune Hono By KitsuneHono Completed

Hey, I'm (Y/N) (L/N). I like LeafyIsHere. In other words, I'm his fangirl. He's my neighbor, just across from my home.

I go to the same school as him. I live in the same street as him. I love his YouTube career, liking every single one of his videos.

I want to be something of worth to him, he pushes me away. I gave him attention and gifts, he turns them away.

I like him, he doesn't like me. I move on from my stupid crush from him, he wants me back.


Crappy description.

And no, I'm not a die hard fan of LeafyIsHere. But I admire his YouTube content and magical words.

So... I made a short fanfiction, not really sure if it short, tbh.

  • angst
  • crossover
  • leafyishere
  • readerinsert
  • romance
  • youtube
Can someone please tell me if leafy currently has a girlfriend
grandestars grandestars Sep 01, 2016
I read that book! It's called Anus and Dick! It's my favorite of all time😊
Clownfish122 Clownfish122 Sep 05, 2016
I'm more of the death-glare yandere and think of many ways to kill people who annoy me. Stress reliever. I'm scary geez
_DJgalaxySlayzz_ _DJgalaxySlayzz_ Sep 15, 2016
I thought of Mithzan then i remembered his eye color...
                              I don't know his eye color...
                              I have no life...XD
TeamToxicFlame TeamToxicFlame Aug 16, 2016
Who Has Red Hair And honey Eyes?
                              Fuckin Pyrocyincals Fox On His Account Picture ! 😐
_DJgalaxySlayzz_ _DJgalaxySlayzz_ Aug 25, 2016
I GET IT!!! *covers mouth with both hands and looks down laughing* oh my god