Control ▹ Dean Winchester [1]

Control ▹ Dean Winchester [1]

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|Book One of The Control Series| *EDITING* 

      ❝ I'm bigger than my body, I'm colder than this home, I'm meaner than my demons, I'm bigger than these bones.❞

      In which a mourning warrior attempts to pursue her supposed fate with the assistance of two hunters.

|Beautiful Cover Made By| : @idkmstiles

[Seasons 1-2]

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Alayna1451 Alayna1451 Jul 03
I just wanted to inform you, not to be mean or anything, but the Control lyrics on the summary are slightly wrong. Instead the last line should be " I'm bigger than these bones."
Brebear504 Brebear504 Aug 08
At school me and my friend literally yell 'IM GONNA BE YOUR BUBBLEGUM BITCH' at the top of our lungs
I don't really like Ariana as a person, but her voice and some of her music is amazing.
-delicates -delicates Sep 08
why are there no comments under this. it's one of my favorites
Best Song Ever!!! Halsey is a freaking Goddess, her music and voice is THAT amazing!
UGH ITS MY SECOND FAVORITE MATD SONG! And idk why but this song always makes me think about Sammy... Don't kill me.