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The Alpha and The Nerd

The Alpha and The Nerd

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Ali Or Alimaya By XAlix33 Updated Mar 14

My wolf howled in sadness and It hurt so much that I left school. I never ditched school but who cares now! I got home and throughout the whole walk everything attacked me at once everything everybody had said to me the laughter echoed in my head over and over as I got up and walked away. I still couldn't shake the laughter that echoed in my head.


"Your a waste of breathe Mia"


"Oh I see your wearing that today..."


"Hey who's that-oh wait its the nobody of your sister"


"Fat freak!!"


"I swear I think shes adopted!"


"What the HELL Mia WHY ARE YOU LYING!!!!"




That sentence killed me the most out of everything the fact that Zack didn't want me. I unlocked the door to my house and ran up to my room I slammed the door which I never did. I turned my head to see my reflection, the voices still echoed in my head. I couldn't take it anymore I hated myself no I hated them. Why couldn't my life be perfect?! In that moment I lost it I slammed my family picture onto the mirror

Puppy_Sparkles Puppy_Sparkles Jul 27, 2016
The heck? I'm listening to wreaking ball right now. Matches this part so good.
DrunkenHabits DrunkenHabits Apr 11, 2016
I hate fat shaming she's like nicole whatever her last name is, I think a something
Rand129 Rand129 Sep 04, 2016
Who's the freak? The one getting into others business or the one who doesn't give an f to even answer you
Puppy_Sparkles Puppy_Sparkles Jul 27, 2016
I bet she's thicker than her. "Carrie, look at the mirror and come back to me." Is what I would've said.
SavageTITI SavageTITI Jan 28
No, no, no... Who do you think you is ? Huh ? YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO FOOD. NO ! I'M NOT GONNA BE CALM RIGHT NOW ! YOU KNOW WHAT ? I'M NOT JOKING WITH YOU ANYMORE. I hate him.
Puppy_Sparkles Puppy_Sparkles Jul 27, 2016
I would have jumped on his back and be like "say that again and I'll cut that excuse for a nut of and laugh at your girlfriend!" Omg what did I just say?