When The Doctor Was Me (Frerard Doctor Who AU)

When The Doctor Was Me (Frerard Doctor Who AU)

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Skittles By angeleyes-demonsoul Completed

"A ginger! I'm finally a ginger!.. Thought it would be more exciting, honestly."


A fun concept I wanted to explore :)

I also love band/show crossovers.

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HiNiceToMeetYouImGay HiNiceToMeetYouImGay Aug 05, 2017
My brain is trying to imagine gee with a British accent, because it can't seem to fathom an American doctor.
CrazyCarrieCantCope CrazyCarrieCantCope Nov 30, 2017
Everyone here is making hesitant alien jokes and I'm just here thinking about the insane part and having ASOTM flashbacks and crying inside.
Deathsunny Deathsunny Nov 04, 2017
I'm the most trustworthy person. And a ginger. 
                              Wait is this because we are rare and there are a lot of people who dye their hair ginger?
“I need to run more” Me to myself as I eat a  ton of food and don’t go outside let alone exercise
Shouldn’t’ve or shouldn’t have not “shouldn’t of” 
                              Sorry to be a dyck but like, you don’t want the first thing people to see on your story to be a typo, that sucks.
As a ginger I can confirm that yes, people do not trust us and if you go to an Asian country people will stop you to take photos