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No other words needed. 

I am the Golden Maknae. 

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P/s: just so you know, I love to insert media things in some chapters so it might trouble you if you read this book offline. I'm sorry!

KimberlyMai0 KimberlyMai0 Aug 05, 2016
Lamb skewers....hmm it became so popular it was made into a book...
bngtantrbl bngtantrbl Sep 21, 2016
Theses are such wise words I'm gAnna etch them on my thang¿
music3423 music3423 Aug 22, 2016
I just sent a gif of him saying that to my friend to fell off her dirt bike lol
_igotthai _igotthai Jun 20, 2016
I have this picture and it was of them from the Run? mv where they were fighting and the captions went like this:
                              Yoongi: Did you eat?
                              Kookie: YOU SAID YOU'D BUY ME LAMB SKEWERS!
                              That's what they were really fighting about 
                              I died at this and then ended up crying because that video was so sad Dx
ARMYxJK ARMYxJK Nov 03, 2016
I seriously started living by this rule since about a week ago since it keeps getting darker every day i made myself promise to wear that reflecting vest thing if needed. I hear this  in my head every day