discontinued // my winged warrior // phan

discontinued // my winged warrior // phan

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˗ˏˋ jenny ˊˎ˗ By thattumblrchick Completed

"It's like you're a whole new person when you forget to be afraid. And that person you become, he's free."


When Phil was ten, he got lost in the woods, and was found by a strange winged boy with a secret that not everyone could see.

The pair fell in love, only to have their memories of each other stolen away from them forever.

Years later, the short and shy Phil Lester meets the tall and sarcastic Dan Howell who wears a flower in his hair and seems to be hiding something. 

For a reason that neither of them can explain, they are drawn to each other. 

{This fanfiction is relatively safe} 
NO suicide
NO depression 
NO self harm
NO eating disorders

It does have some minor triggers, including bullying, and slight anxiety. Message me if you need specifics, and I'll let you know. Stay safe.

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andourasheswillfly andourasheswillfly Jul 02, 2017
I have so many emotions right now I'd like to go jump off a cliff
hotmesslester hotmesslester Dec 25, 2017
how did he go from a caring young child to a sarcastic ass i hate this
RockerIsCringe RockerIsCringe Aug 25, 2017
AYYYYYY (I'm imagining a gif of Dan saying that but idk how to make one and I'm too lazy to see if there is one because I remember it from a video) 😂😂
- - Nov 21, 2017
If you're fine with constructive criticism, I'd say your adverbs make your writing weak. If you're not, then don't mind me. :)
hotmesslester hotmesslester Dec 25, 2017
you obviously don’t have overcrowding in your school like i do then
ExistentialStar ExistentialStar Jul 03, 2017