Dance from the Heart (Travis X Reader)

Dance from the Heart (Travis X Reader)

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Geneviève~Sky By Evabbug Updated Feb 12

Travis X Reader from Aphmau's series, Mystreet!

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~Geneviéve ~ Sky

Dj_FanFics Dj_FanFics Jul 29, 2016
Friend(Taylor)- So, what are doing up so early?
                              Me- Y'know... just watching the sun come up...
                              Friend- Aliyah what are you really doing?
                              Me(Aliyah)- I uh just told u
                              Friend- Aliyah...
                              Me-OK FINE! I'm reading a fanfic and fangirling 
                              Friend- I am disappointed in you
angie5423 angie5423 Dec 28, 2016
I would love to wake up like that on weekdays I wake up to my mom yelling at me to wake up because I'm gonna be lat to school and on weekends I wake up to my nephew jumping on my bed and occasionally him sitting in my head
SoonMateWolf SoonMateWolf Dec 04, 2016
Ayo mama lemme get yo nombre!
                              Spanish woman:That means name ya idiot.
PanicAtThe21Crybabys PanicAtThe21Crybabys Aug 26, 2016
Ugh I wanna try it so bad but I'm pretty sure they don't have it in my country
Lord_Emily Lord_Emily Apr 22, 2016
Me: Oooooooooohhhh! 
                              Travis: Shut up!
                              Me: You have a crush on me!
                              Travis: Ok, so?
                              Me: I like you too. ( I kiss his cheek )
                              Travis: ( Making cute noises and blushing )
                              Me: Hehe~!
Lusa2500 Lusa2500 Jan 18
Lol my friends name is Ava but I mostly call her Avi or Poopy Face/Butt (my other friends thought of it and their super weird)