Just Another Blur  (The Flash X Reader)

Just Another Blur (The Flash X Reader)

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You read the title didn't you? Why are you even wasting time reading the discription? It's the frickn flash and you as the reader! 

I do not own the flash or anyone from the flash univers.

(Btw, Barry in the first episode is like sherlock xD)

Umm...(No hate )You spelled Description as discription in the description...Does that make sense...👌
Iamapotatohuman1 Iamapotatohuman1 5 days ago
Yn: Potato
                              La: Human
                              Fc: Blur
                              Hc: Blackish brown
                              Hl: Long
                              Sfc: Green
                              Not saying
                              Blonde with natrual Carmel highlights
                              Mid back
You could just turn off your phone plus praise be good!👍🏻
valillagirl valillagirl Jul 17
                              Dirty Blonde
                              Just past shoulder length
Im soooo sorry but I am a annoying person so I have to do it YOU CANT STOP ME FROM MY DESTINY OF BEING ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂