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What Was That, Hun? (Gaster!Sans x Reader) (Discontinued)

What Was That, Hun? (Gaster!Sans x Reader) (Discontinued)

17.3K Reads 554 Votes 13 Part Story
Fuckin Sinner By Sans_Undertale_Crap Completed

You lived a normal life. But it was boring. You were always alone.  Most of your friends had moved away or passed on due to reason not to talk about. Your first boyfriend cheated on you. After that, you thought you would never find love. The barrier had been shattered for 2 years. Everyone was fine with the monsters, they caused no crime nor harm. You didn't mind  the monsters one bit, you liked them around,you just felt a little uncomfortable around them. Until you met him. The love you never thought existed.

Scarlett_N Scarlett_N Oct 27, 2016
I like gaster's thoughts.
                              And wait, don't you  mean right brain? Right brain is the random creative and left is serious and analytical
LizValeska-Snart LizValeska-Snart Oct 15, 2016
most of the time when i read a book, the bf or gf that cheats has a name that starts with a C....maybe all people that have a name starting with a C is bad
BlueWriterPerson BlueWriterPerson Oct 11, 2016
Reader: HhhhHhHh-
                              Me: JUST STAHP. BRUH. STAHP DOING DIS TO MEH- well.. FAN FICTION PERSON MEH
poppy_heart poppy_heart Oct 02, 2016
Yeah yeah. My dad died. Yeah I'm thinking bout him oh look a hottie oh who cares about my dad he's hot. Oh no now I feel bad for myself and oml he a shmexy skele. 
                              I adjusted up the entire chapter your welcome
poppy_heart poppy_heart Oct 02, 2016
                              Gaster:  imma just say to myself that's it's just a phase
noone101010010 noone101010010 Dec 12, 2016
It's OK I hate feelings too so I keep them buried deep deep in my mind never to be found