[OLD VERSION] G.S.M Restricted Scenes (student/teacher)

[OLD VERSION] G.S.M Restricted Scenes (student/teacher)

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FULL chapter..enjoy ;) 

Caz xx

I awoke on Sunday in my favourite way, as soon as I cracked my eyes open I saw Lewis's sleeping face inches from mine.  A huge grin spread across my face as a big balloon of happiness burst inside me.  I scooted closer and reached my finger up to trace his full bottom lip watching as his eyelashes fluttered slightly throwing a shadow out over his cheekbone.  How did I end up with someone so beautiful?

I slid on top of him and started to plant small kisses around his face, his eyelids, his cheekbones, his chin and the corner of his mouth I pulled back to look at his still sleeping face as his eyelashes fluttered again.  I shifted slightly on top of him and could tell he would soon be awake as another part of him was waking up.  I shifted again so I was straddling him gently rubbing up on him moaning quietly as his morning glory ground against my core, jesus he makes me so hot for him without even trying!

I leaned down to trail kisses up his n...

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lagopodousgiraffe lagopodousgiraffe Aug 11, 2016
                              I need to save that for later. Just in case
lagopodousgiraffe lagopodousgiraffe Aug 12, 2016
LAME if there's no buttercream icing it's not cake. It's just sad.
felshab felshab Dec 02, 2015
I'm the exact same way with my bf. I trust him, and I'm just not easily jealous. He's the same with me, and we've never had any problems
XXXFanFicFanaticXXX XXXFanFicFanaticXXX Nov 14, 2015
Is she on birth control or something
                              Cuz I know they didn't use a condom