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My Roomate Evan (Vanoss x Reader)

My Roomate Evan (Vanoss x Reader)

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Husbando Toonz 👹 By MyaTheQueen2 Completed

We da bus

OkamiAkuna OkamiAkuna Feb 07
Hehehe was he like
                              "GIVE BIRTH..... GIVE.... BIRTH!!" Bahahaha
Partyzilla Partyzilla Jan 30
I'm trying so hard not to laugh right's not working lol
Mine is getting through high school go to wrestling school join TNA wrestling for about 2 years then go to wwe and try to become the first woman to get the wwe world heavyweight championship and I'm not kidding
FionnaJinx FionnaJinx Feb 10
But I'm not and I'm gonna go to hell anyway satan my bff 👌
kylie12305 kylie12305 Jul 31, 2016
They see she is christian: *all around me are familiar faces*
Smileytrash Smileytrash Jan 19
If this ever happens to me with a male roommate (which I doubt) I would be silently dying.