Sex and Love Tour (Ally/You)

Sex and Love Tour (Ally/You)

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[You're Enrique's female version
You hair color is black and it's a messy angular fringe hairstyle
You have dark brown eyes and are 6'2"]

~~Today on E! News, Scooter Braun confirmed that the Sex and Love World Tour is return to North America! And he also confirmed, that Y/N is already working on another album that will be released during her hiatus. So, stay tune on E! News to hear more of Y/n Iglesias and the Sex and Love Tour.~~

Y/N Iglesias Pitt-Jolie, the hottest trending artist, since the Sex and Love Tour began in early 2014. She had been touring worldwide for months, that she had forgotten how to love.

Now, Y/n would return home and finally leave the music industry. But, nothing is certain in life.

Fifth Harmony, the rising trending topic, after their international success with their debut album, Reflection and their hit single, Worth It.

Now, Fifth Harmony would be more international, as Simon Cowell luckily scored them a chance to tour with the hottest trending artist worldwide, Y/n Iglesias.
The catch?

Y/N and Ally would end up becoming the hottest trending couple worldwide, without even knowing.

So, sit back and enjoy the last months of the Sex and Love Tour.
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SendNews SendNews Aug 19
Someone get the fire extinguisher there's a lot of FIRE over here!!!!!
waffle_hernandez waffle_hernandez Apr 27, 2016
She is, but the twist is that nobody has seen her. Only Justin knows her. She is really good at hiding from the media
Naty_the_fangirl Naty_the_fangirl Oct 11, 2016
I literally freaked out when I heard were a girl version of bae
redeb21 redeb21 Aug 31, 2016
First time my self in a fic is taller than myself in real life.
Loved2Read71 Loved2Read71 Nov 05, 2016
Whoop, whoop! The FIRE is so going to set the tour alight with the Fifth Harmony on board! Whooooooooop!