//Flower Crowns and Condoms// ≪L.S.≫

//Flower Crowns and Condoms// ≪L.S.≫

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daddy kink louis™ By HxrryLouisLove Updated Jan 29

Harry is horny 24/7


Louis is an innocent boy who wears flower crowns


Louis is a boy who likes to wear flower crowns and is too innocent for his own good; Harry is promiscuous but when he sees a blue eyed angel picking flowers in the field next to the school gym, he decides that he wants the oblivious boy.


Yass that sexy ass god that I would like to call Harry Edward Styles
larentschild101 larentschild101 3 days ago
Sometimes I seriously forget how hetero stuff work. Like I'm too caught up on gay sex that I forget hetero people existing
*looks at the door* umm did you hear that... my uhh mom's calling yeah my mom *rushes away* bye!
My mind just went somewhere I don't think you wanna know 😂😂😂
Harry I may be Larriesexual but I'll jump in his book and cut your fingers off if you even lay a hand on my little ray of sunshine.
Me.... well except for the swearing part I swear like 24/7 a day