//Flower Crowns and Condoms// ≪L.S.≫

//Flower Crowns and Condoms// ≪L.S.≫

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daddy kink louis™ By HxrryLouisLove Updated Aug 15

Harry is horny 24/7


Louis is an innocent boy who wears flower crowns


Louis is a boy who likes to wear flower crowns and is too innocent for his own good; Harry is promiscuous but when he sees a blue eyed angel picking flowers in the field next to the school gym, he decides that he wants the oblivious boy.


panicsexual panicsexual Oct 28
is that not scary tf id sprint my ass home and i don't even like running
Well pursue me bïtch jk go get yourself a hedgehog with an aśś
YESH man making me feel unholy I've been masterbating since I was nine or ten
larsty3 larsty3 Nov 21
lame. you know our boy louis would bend it and y'all could do some crazy things in the bedroom.
If you looked up 'bitch' in the dictionary you'd find my birth certificate pal
larsty3 larsty3 Nov 21
HAHA YOU ARE VERY FUNNY HAROLD the joke is over. get your d ick out of that girl you are not straight.