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Sierra; By Bhettiboop Completed

Meet 16 year old Yasmine, or as they call her, Yas. She’s a Caucasian girl with shoulder length black hair with Violet tips at the end. Like a majority of teenagers at her age, all she’s worried about is partying, smoking, drinking, and hanging out with the crowd that she’s drawn in at school. But once they take it a step too far, she winds up getting into a serious accident that leaves her in a coma.

In her coma, she wakes up somewhere else that’s cloudy, blissful, and beautiful. She realizes that it’s heaven and see’s a crowd of people standing over her. These people, were the people who passed away on earth. All of these people were murdered on earth, but never received any justice. [Caylee Anthony, Natalee Halloway, The Black Dalhia, etc.] but one person that stands out that she sees that has been swarming around the news, is Trayvon Martin. After meeting these people, she asks questions and realizes everything that all of the prosecutors and police have missed for years.

But what happens when she wakes out of her coma?

After waking out of her coma, she realizes that the place called “Heaven" that everyone has been stressing about was actually real! But what does she tell the people in the outside world? After stressing to many people about what people in this other world has told her, everyone around her starts to think that getting into that accident made her a little “psycho", “crazy", and “mental".

To visit these people in heaven, the only way she can do it is by potentially killing herself just so that she can see and talk to them. But with this, also comes the cost of people thinking that she’s suicidal or crazy, pushing her mother to take drastic measures to help control her daughters suicidal behavior.

Being the only person who knows that these people in Heaven are actually communicating with her, will she be able to convince other people in the outside world on whats going on?

He's probably upset that it happened, who wouldn't be. It was unnecessary and unfair plus more
See this book is going to have my emotions all over the place😂😭 RIP MJ💕
I'm know my emotion about to be every where reading this again
Or maybe it is but I always heard we wouldn't remember the way we passed
She could've asked for forgiveness if so she is. We have a forgiving God.
Awe😩 this book makes me more excited to go to heaven I know its nothing like this but I know they'll be a lot of familiar faces I'll see but I pray and hope thats a really really really long time from now