✦The New Girl✦Phoenix Drop High Reader Insert✦

✦The New Girl✦Phoenix Drop High Reader Insert✦

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The_Aphmau_Allies By The_Aphmau_Allies Updated Mar 04, 2017

Hello, everybody! My name is Kylie and this is a story to which all credit goes to the other Allies and me! Please don't post this on any other site without our permission, and if you need me to explain something private message me here: @Pun_Queen. This story will be updated once (if you're lucky, twice) every Saturday (and sometimes on other weekdays depending on who writes the chapter). Hope you enjoy~! 
(Y/n) (L/n). She just transferred to Pheonix Drop High. She moved towns and no one knows her. She begged her parents to homeschool her, but they were both busy with their jobs as Mechanical Engineers. So when she got to school, she wasn't that ecstatic, but she wanted to try her best to make good grades and friends so her parents would be proud of her. 

But, when she starts to get made fun of by Ivy and her group, will she rise above the insults, or will she crack under pressure? Find out in The New Girl.

ALLIES WORKING ON THIS BOOK: (If you are an Ally, and would like to help with this book, contact me on PM. @MentallyMindBlown, or @Pun_Queen)

-Kylie (Saturday)
-Abigail (Monday)
-LionTurtle (Friday)
-Fawxii (Wednesday)
-CC (Tuesday)

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KiwiMehNinjia KiwiMehNinjia Sep 13, 2016
*lost track on actual minecradt diaries season 2, most likely has to watch everything over* *doesnt know who these people are besides Travis, that girl, garroth and Laurence in this specific series* 
-SugaKookiesAndTae- -SugaKookiesAndTae- Jul 09, 2016
*grabs her by the hair, threatens to mess up her nail polish, and she runs away* how its done
ShinyLaurLaur ShinyLaurLaur Aug 06, 2016
Zanepai notice me!!
                              *Cries in corner when Zanepai don't notice you*
amytdg amytdg Jul 08, 2016
Yay I'm not alone because all I do is play video games and wach YouTube
sinisterme- sinisterme- Jul 03, 2016
Well, typically, I am the anti-social one as well.
                              LET'S BE STEREOTYPE BUDDIES!!
- - Jun 29, 2016
I like ivy...what she is nice now. As long ad she turns nice in the future (wich she did) im cool 😎