Frerard OneShots ✿

Frerard OneShots ✿

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Black rabbit By Corrupttyler Updated Sep 24

Okay before you read this, this is my first time writing smut and I hope to get much better I am very sorry if it isn't that good!

I sit back in my chair, slouching and glaring at the teacher as she ranted on about art and other useless stuff that I couldn't possibly remember "time for homework!" She shouted way to enthusiastically causing everyone to groan "well it's a project, you need to grab a partner and study body art" I look around the room and cuss under my breath, I loathe most people in this class since most of them are self loving assholes "you will need to write a two page study on  Joanne Gair, and will need to imitate her art on your partner and capture evidence, this will all add up to your final grade so" she clapped her hands grinning "find your partner" she lowered her hands before propping herself back down at her desk, immediately everyone in the class stood shouting across the room.

People pushed chairs out of the way hugging and high fiving their frie...

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- - Apr 08
Frankie You Are Legitimately The Most Adorable Thing Fricking EVER This Is So CYOOte I Ship Itttttt
- - Apr 08
Oh My Jesus This Is Beautiful All Of These Comments 😂😂😂😂
- - Apr 08
I Just Inhaled Really Weirdly And I SWeaR I Sounded Like I ChOKed But I DiDN't!! Good For Me!! :^D
That jolt you feel in your stomach when things get all the sudden sexual and your like "WHEW I GOT TURNED ON REAL FAST"
tpobme1 tpobme1 Jun 08
If he was mad about the paint smudging before he's definitely gonna be mad now