Little One H|S

Little One H|S

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Mackenzie By Kenzie5963 Updated Sep 18


Don't comment about not agreeing with it or stuff like that. It's just a story. 

When Ella comes across a stranger on the street and he takes her in, without her consent. 


"Don't worry angel. I'll take you home and take care of you" Harry said softly to the bleeding girl in front of him. He grabbed onto her hand and tried to lead her to his car. 

"T-that's okay sir." She stuttered. The stranger was making her scared. 

"You're coming with me. It's not your choice, little girl."

- - Jun 17
I find this funny ,a lot of ddlg stories on wattpad have Harry styles as the daddy.I don't mind it though
Dude how do you know she's a little, she could be like a secret Dom and you would never know
wow this is really good. great actually. update when you can!