Online || S.Stilinski

Online || S.Stilinski

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Stanklinski24: I will not calm down because...Luke i am your father.
BlueBoots34: No Stank do not even start...
Stanklinski24: Its Stilinski!
BlueBoots34: Yeah whatever Stank.

Stiles Stilinski ends up on an online chatting app one night when he has nothing to do. The first person he meets is BlueBoots34, a sarcastic, humorous teen girl who has a talent for annoying the brown haired lanky boy, but for some reason he doesn't stop talking to her. The two spark an odd friendship, but will they ever meet each other or figure out who they are? Maybe they are closer to each other than they think...

*Starting from Season 1*

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Warnings: cursing (a hell of a lot or swear words), terrible grammar and lame jokes that'll make you cringe! 

Trigger Warning: Rated mature due to graphic words (swears and blood) and mentions of alcohol!

(the whole story is mostly a comedy that is written poorly by a teen girl with crappy grammar)

D I S C L A I M E R! I do not own Teen Wolf's characters, only the ones that i have created myself. The story also does not follow Teen Wolfs timeline. Things might be left out, added, sped up or slowed down to fit my story line. Please know this before commenting about me not following what happens in the show or telling me I do not know about the things in it. Thank you!

cover made by: @nofrenchfry

Melisa_Q Melisa_Q Aug 10
But satisfaction brought.....Scott into a werewolf Lydia into a coma dead aunts and mothers also dead batas and very dead Allison argent