iii. elysium ◆ minho

iii. elysium ◆ minho

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˗ˏˋk a y eˎˊ˗ By yukimurakira Updated Feb 07

❝ the stars are falling, like a revolution from the heavens. ❞

|ɪˈlɪzɪəm| the place at the ends of the earth to which certain favoured heroes were conveyed by the gods after death.

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book 3 of the young gods series

maze-runner-26 maze-runner-26 Nov 23, 2016
Does the trailer have any volume because I can't here anything?
Veah126 Veah126 Apr 21, 2016
Of course, do your own thing. I am not really fond of the third book anyway. And who wouldn't like more of Newt? That's a HECK YEAH. Also, the more complicated it is, the better, right?
-hollandroden -hollandroden Jun 13, 2016
It's your book! Do your own thing! I'm so excited for this and I ugh I can't wait :) x
-hollandroden -hollandroden 5 days ago
Oh god I remember how long I waited for this and I still haven't read it! I feel so bad, you are still my fav writer and I need to get up to date with your books AHHH sorry!!
celpar celpar 5 days ago
Thomas in the background there. He trying to stay serious but can't once Kaya broke.
slytherbitches slytherbitches Oct 07, 2016
but I have a good selection of words to express my hatred for brenda