Once When You Were Mine

Once When You Were Mine

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Maggie Allen By writermaggie Completed

High school in the early 90s: it was before cell phones and social media, but the problems were the same.  How do you get the guy you're interested in to notice you?   What happens if you fall in love with your best friend?  Why does physics class keep factoring into your love life?

This novella is loosely based on my own high school experiences... but sort of an alternate version of them.  You can only make one set of choices in life, so it's fun to explore what could have been - but wasn't - in fiction.  Also, set in 1991-92, this is kind of a period piece now!  In some ways it's a love letter to the teen books I read back in the 80s and 90s, in particular those by Ellen Conford and Paula Danzinger.  I hope you enjoy it.

This story was featured on Wattpad in 2016.

hihye99 hihye99 Oct 12, 2016
It is my favourite song of all times idk it makes me feel invincible
LolaStephen LolaStephen Sep 06, 2016
Lol.. Yeah, totally me n ma bestie... I wouldn't get a crush on him tho..
Hadley_Swiss Hadley_Swiss Oct 07, 2016
Nice start to your book! Really realistic and relatable, loved it!
Mistery016 Mistery016 Nov 19, 2016
it's amazing ! I love how you write it's easy to understand (i'm french) and there are not a lot of details... ;)
Great story! I remember 1991-92. I was in elementary school then! Good times!  :)
Almighty_Emoji Almighty_Emoji Nov 24, 2016
Yeah a relationship could be fun. For awhile. but if they break up just imagine the damage to their friendship. No more best friend.