We Got Chemistry Together//Septiplier//High School AU//

We Got Chemistry Together//Septiplier//High School AU//

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*under going heavy editing sorry for spelling or grammar mistakes I wrote this on my phone so you know how much of a bitch auto correct can be* 

Mark was your average school nerd, taking advanced classes and only talking to a few people. Jack was your not so average school Punk, green hair, piecing's and an attitude that screamed don't mess with me all wrapped up in a leather Jacket.  When the two are assigned to be partners for a chemistry project they become close extremely fast. After Mark getting in a fight and Jack standing up for him Mark realizes that there was something different than what people assumed Jack was like one thing was for sure, Mark fell in love with his punk rock chemistry partner. 

(All translations are from Google translate so they're  most likely incorrect)

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Anti-Jack Anti-Jack Aug 28
Goes from 'i hate you're to 'here's my member's just wow.
                               Mark, give me love advice!
dedetiger dedetiger May 26
Found that out while watching his INK video and I was like "WAIT WHAT!? Mark? He has adhd? Anyone would think  it would be jack instead! THATS INTERESTING!"
Ha! Allreadyacreep!
                              Translation: BRO you don't say that, in your head or out loud.
Lexzread Lexzread Jan 30
Salt? Pretty sure it is salt. Salt seems right. I know salt changed the Density so since the Density would be changed could the freezing point be changed?
UNKNOWN7113 UNKNOWN7113 Jul 08, 2016
How ironic is it that they get to be partners in a class called Chemistry??? Huh  think about that.
"the begging of February" ... the first thing i thought of was some crazy demonic ritual going down and it's not ok XD