Open Wounds | Pretty Little Liars | 1

Open Wounds | Pretty Little Liars | 1

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❝We were just five lost girls, if peter pan were real he would've taken us to Neverland. Maybe then we would be free from this never ending torture. We were teenagers young, naive, blind teenagers, we're still teenagers, we're still learning. Scared we all were scared trying to find our way in this big bad world without our leader. Five teenagers too distraught and broken by the loss of their best friend that they didn't know if they would be able to get out of this hole they dug themselves into. It made this game we were in hell we're still in it but it made this game too easy for A. She, He, whoever this horrible person is was able to crawl their way into our minds using our open wounds as an advantage and attack us with our secrets, the ones that only Alison knew. Now we have to find a way to heal ourselves, to fix ourselves five teenagers broken beyond repair and we have to do it quickly or else these treacherous games will continue.❞

[Pretty Little Liars - Season 1]
[Jason DiLaurentis]

Disclaimer - I do not own Pretty little liars all rights go to Marlene King and Sara Shepard but I do however own my own characters and my own plot lines

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-aestetics -aestetics Jun 22, 2017
If they were fifteen, shouldn't they be going into tenth grade? I don't mean to be THAT person but I'm fifteen and going into tenth.