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My Stalker is the Mafia?

My Stalker is the Mafia?

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Sunny By sunflower123456 Updated Sep 26, 2013

Pushing me up against the wall, he kept his arms against it, blocking my only exit. "Why do you keep running?" he asked, looking into my eyes, 
"Why did you kidnap me?" i retorted. His face showed aggravation at my comment, 
"Querido Dios, por favor ayúdame" he whispered, 
"STOP SPEAKING IN SPANISH!" i yelled at him, only to have him smirk at me.
"usted es la mujer más bella del mundo. sus ojos brillan como diamantes, y su belleza eclipsa el sol" he breathed into my ear, and then captured my mouth in a passionate kiss, as we tried to win the battle, him fighting for my heart, and me, fighting for myself. 
"¿por qué no se que me amas princesa? ¿Por qué no puedo ser tu alma gemela?" he whispered again, trailing kisses down my neck, smiling against my skin when he heard my moan of pleasure.
why did he have to be so hot when he spoke Spanish?

iisenaii iisenaii Jul 08
dude you sound hella trump supporter rn
                              i hope she was doing that just to spite him
QuotesofTaboo QuotesofTaboo Jun 28, 2016
I would have head butted him and then elbowed him in the ribs and then pushed him the h^ll of me, then I would have run while screaming like a maniac...well, thats just me, oh and don't forget, cussing my head of in Italian! Hehe...Im weird
Traicing_Dim_Stars Traicing_Dim_Stars Jun 22, 2016
I would have asked if there was food then if he said no, run like a mad woman
BabySwag_12 BabySwag_12 Jul 27, 2016
Really....?that's the only thing your thinking about lol wtf
carterssmiletho23 carterssmiletho23 Jun 16, 2016
Bruh it's a free country if I want to speak Spanish then I'll speak Spanish as simple as that😂😂
zeinazeina zeinazeina Jun 16, 2016
Actually the United States does not have an official language and therefor no one has the right to say this.