Almost Is Never Enough ~ Twilight/TVD Crossover

Almost Is Never Enough ~ Twilight/TVD Crossover

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Azura Jackson By Twilight_Howler1981 Updated 7 hours ago

Elizabeth Winters and her mother, Olivia Winters, move to a small village of what is now known as 'Mystic Falls'.

There, they meet the Mikealsons. Both each form a strong bond with all the members except one.

What happens when a certain brown haired original catches her eye?

How will she change things?

Secrets will be revealed.

What happens when Elizabeth isn't who we thought she was?

What will she do when someone from her past returns and digs up everything she had hoped would stay hidden?

Join Elizabeth on her little adventure of Love, Betrayal, Pain and Friendship.

I don't own The Vampire Diaries only the plot and my OC characters.

Some of you guys are probably wondering why's Finn not mentioned? 
                              I forgot about him😄
                              So just so you guys know and don't get confused.