Vritra: The Devil Tetralogy Spin-Off

Vritra: The Devil Tetralogy Spin-Off

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Aditya Sundararajan By PenWielder Completed

Four years since she was convicted of Harini's murder, Ganga has adjusted to her prison life but senses a grave storm approaching. She just doesn't know when it would cross the land. Uma Manohar is hell-bent on avenging her father and close friend's murders. Forsaking a better life, she enters the final leg of this journey only to discover that her foes could be eviler than initially imagined. Shiva Malleshwar has been managing The Devil Within and the Agile Corp. As he prepares for his partner Ganga's release, a sudden visit from an acquaintance makes him wonder if there could be trouble lurking in the corner.

While the politicians wage a deadly war against each other to attain the much coveted seat of power, Shiva and Ganga battle their inner demons and are forced rekindle their irreparable connections with the very people they vowed never to meet again. Just when they decode a grander conspiracy with the potential to not only disrupt the upcoming Assembly elections of the State of Maharashtra, but also push India under the grim shadow of an illicitly operating network of strange, unearthly beings led by someone known only as the "Ophion", a vicious series of events birth a dark and alarming consequence from which there could be no escape.

When you are deemed to lose, how far would you go in pursuit of the truth that entails the complete obliteration of everything you cared about? For, what would a country be without any people?

I am currently looking for beta readers for my debut YA contemporary mystery/thriller drama novel, "The Devil Within".  You can read the full blurb and the first three chapters here on Wattpad to see if this is your cup of tea. 

To learn more and sign-up to be a beta reader, please visit (clickable link in profile bio): https://www.adityasundararajan.com/tdw-beta-readers