My Angel, My Lover... My Sister. (brotherXsister)

My Angel, My Lover... My Sister. (brotherXsister)

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"Kat? I'm just going to Grace's house, tell mum where I am, ok?"

"Who do you think I am? Bloody Postman Pat? Tell her yourself!" I stuck my tongue out at her and walked out of the door. I knew she was only messing around. She was just doing her job as my annoying little sister.

As I took the five minute bus ride to my girlfriend's house, I began to think about Katrina. She was thirteen years old, pretty much bang in the middle of puberty, but she hadn't once mentioned any boys. I didn't know much about girls of that age, but I knew that as soon as they started high school practically everything they said had the word "boy" in there somewhere. A random thought crossed my mind. Perhaps she didn't like boys at all. I laughed and shook it out of my mind. She'd probably get a boyfriend when she was ready.

When I arrived, I jumped up the five concrete steps and knocked on the door. After a minute or two, Grace answered. She was wearing a plain black top and a pair of skinny jeans. She loo...

- - Mar 07, 2016
my elder sister was smart enough to do it when mom was not at home :D
travesty00 travesty00 Dec 27, 2015
Groping, duh. You'd think a grown woman with two kids wouldn't have know that
Ekolop Ekolop Aug 13, 2014
wow.... I mean not only are they gonna have sex already in their house but while their mother is at home and not even too late to make sure that everyone is asleep? if so why did they not lock the dolor!!! soooo easy!!!!
WinterGamingNetwork WinterGamingNetwork Dec 31, 2013
Hold UP! His sister is a little younger than I am and she wants the "thing". What the heck is wrong with kids these days
AndrewCook AndrewCook Nov 17, 2011
@Your_Fallen_Angel Thanks, I'm working on some notes for the next chapter now
AndrewCook AndrewCook Nov 15, 2011
@CassidayMoriarity I was thinking about doing some more on it when I get time