Colour Outside the Lines  [A Leonard Snart/Captain Cold Fanfiction]

Colour Outside the Lines [A Leonard Snart/Captain Cold Fanfiction]

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Abi_p_98 By SirFlabsAlot98 Updated Apr 19, 2017

"It's such a pity a beautiful thing like you goes so unnoticed in this world"

"I like it that way. The spotlight never has been my friend"

"You don't need to be in the spotlight for everyone......just for me" 


Elizabeth Smoak, the younger sister of Felicity, lives in Central City.  She's just another face in the crowd. Never doing anything that would make herself noticed. Sticking to a black and white existence.
Her sister is always telling her to get out and do something with her life; Get a new job or meet a boy. Do something colourful. But Elizabeth just can't. 
She's not like her sister. She's been let down too often, hurt too deep. She goes goes out of way to keep herself hidden from the world. 

But what happens when a certain cold criminal has his eyes solely focused on her? Will she stick to her boring black and white life? Or will she finally learn to colour outside the lines?

*Disclaimer: Don't own any of the DC characters, all I own are Elizabeth Smoak and James Sutton.
Also this will not follow any real story line in either flash or DC legends. May reference some episodes but won't follow and specific story line*

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