Cursed to be the Alpha's mate

Cursed to be the Alpha's mate

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Ash By -ashash- Updated Feb 25

His evil glare scares her to death. Her pale colour shows how weak she was. As he progresses towards her, her heart beat races by the second. She doesn't even realise the river of tears flowing down her cheeks. 

The monster keeps advancing towards her to wreck havoc. She knows there is no way out. However, just a small ray of hope gives her strength. 

She focuses on the open door and jolts towards it to escape. Just when she is about to reach it, he pulls her from her hair and slams her into himself. 

He lowers himself near her whimpering body and whispers manically, 
"Where do you think you going sweet pea."  

"You will suffer. You have brought my wrath upon you and your family. I herby curse your family in a way that you will pray for your death. Your own blood will suffer. Yes you will have a daughter and she will be destined for the ruthless and vicious Harry Williams. She will suffer as his slave and a useless piece of meat for the rest of her life. There will be no forgiveness for your deeds however only the purity of love can be your solace." She chuckled with her chants circling the smith family. 

"But we all know Love and Harry will never go together", she ended her chants and disappeared leaving Carl Smith and his wife soulless, scared and begging the Moon Goddess for never granting them a girl. 

What will the future hold for them and why are they so afraid of Harry Williams. 

Keep reading for amazing turn of events.

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