"Choose" Garrmau/ Laurmau/JinMau FanFic AU

"Choose" Garrmau/ Laurmau/JinMau FanFic AU

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definite hiatus By Dat_AnimeFanatic Updated Feb 11, 2017

"Listen, if you're in love with three people at a time, pick the last one. Because if you have really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second one. If you really loved the second one, you shouldn't have fallen in love with the third one. Keep that in mind carefully."

Aphmau Irene Phoenix.

The school's most popular, richest, and snobbiest girl and yet everyone loves her.

Sassy, mean, and clever, she thought everything would go her way.


Laurence Meteli Zvhal.

The complete casanova, flirt, and school gangster.

The expected person to fail graduation and repeat highschool again.

He thought he had everything he wanted.


Garroth Ro'meave.

The new kid at school and the most shyest person in class.

The nice and sweet type, everyone expects him to immediately become popular.

He thought he had the most luckiest life in the world.


Jinuyasha Bopskumaru, or JinBop.

The school's nerd and expected valedictorian.

Anti-Social, Sarcastic, and rarely has friends, he hated High School.

He thought he didn't need anyone in his life.


The Sarcastic Nerd, The Nice and Sweet One, or The Complete Casanova?

Aphmau will choose.

Cover made by: Jersey (Megan) Miyazono (Cuz Miyala sucks at making covers)
I hate you Jer. -_- (Note by Miyala Miyazono)

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lana_the_werewolf lana_the_werewolf Jul 29, 2017
Lol that name reminds me of the fanfic that aphmau wrote for a do not laugh
KylieShadowHunter KylieShadowHunter Apr 29, 2017
This is gonna be hard to decide what I choose to cheer on... :(
xitlalicsal xitlalicsal Jul 24, 2016
When I saw Jin's 
                               full name:*Western voice * that's a huge b%@$&
majestickittycat majestickittycat Jun 06, 2016
The funny thing is...I ship all of these. XD Hard. Oh boy....
Violetloves64 Violetloves64 Apr 27, 2016
Wait at the bottom is says Jin (sarcastic nerd) in bold and Aphmau's name in bold
                              Does that mean in Jinmau
Violetloves64 Violetloves64 Apr 25, 2016
Haven't read anything but there's
                              What better book has all of these!?!?!!