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Targeting Mr Mafia -slowly editing-

Targeting Mr Mafia -slowly editing-

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Libanator By libanator Completed

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 Second in the Mafia series. In-direct sequel to Blaze and the Mafia.

I watch as her face turns from one of shock, to pure horror, "y-your going to kill M-me?"
She smiles slightly as though desperately hoping this is all a joke. 
I nod my head patriotically, "Yes. I'm going to kill you."
Great, here comes the begging.
I don't know why people beg. It's just a way of loosing all your dignity before you die, and it annoys the person whose trying to kill you (you really wanna try stay on their good side).
"2 thousand for a bullet into your head," I say leaning on the kitchen side and lazily lifting the gun, "you must've really pissed some rich guy off!"
She looks at me silently.
I take her complete silence as a sign to continue, "Care to share?" I wait for an answer, "no? Ok then."
"Please!" She begs again, tears streaming down her cheeks, "I have two children. What happens to them if I die?"
"Trust me, it's all in the file," I cock the gun, "I'll see you in hell"


Constantly, all the top assassins are in competition. Get the most points, become the most dangerous assassin. . 
The youngest competitor, 16 year old Thorn, is easily on the leaders board. Being in the top, has its Benefits...but for how long? Soon she is sent a private request to kill the most dangerous man alive: Mr Mafia.
Sounds simple (for Thorn) but when there is a traitor within the company she has no choice but to get help from the same person on the top of her kill list, the leader of the Mafia.
With the cops chasing her down every step of the way, nobody knows who they can trust. In times of need, friends may become enemies and enemies may become friends.
To survive, she can't break the rules, the three deadly sins. Hope. Trust. Love. It's always been easy enough, new job? How hard can it be?

Started: 19th June 2016
Finished: 10th September 2016

This is my kitchen description (yellow wall and blue counters) but my counters are navy blue
JediMaster118 JediMaster118 Oct 15, 2016
Awesome! That's how you start a book. I love the competition idea.
zylopnone zylopnone Dec 01, 2016
I loved your first book I am pretty sure this one is going to be a great one two!
WoRlD_CAN_KIss_IT WoRlD_CAN_KIss_IT Aug 21, 2016
I'm here because
                              Told me about You!!
                              She say you're really good!
LikedByfew LikedByfew Aug 03, 2016
Omg, I can't believe I'm saying it ,but this is way better than "Blaze". 
                              Although Blaze will forever be in my harte!✌
WriterandSpy WriterandSpy Dec 03, 2016
Came here right after Blaze. Pls dont make me frown at the ending again. Peace out.