Book 1 (Vampire) - The Princess's Bride (Futanari) (GirlxGirl) (Completed)

Book 1 (Vampire) - The Princess's Bride (Futanari) (GirlxGirl) (Completed)

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Jacqueline Dohim By JacquelineDohim Completed

The Great War has killed so many innocence life in the realm. The royal family swore that they will make the world a better place and will do whatever they can do keep the world's in peace and harmony. 

After years of trying to get everything in order, The Queens realised that their princess, who is well known for her fond in the same sex, is capable and old enough to have her bride. The princess didn't care about all of that but the Queens insisted. Little did the Queens know that their precious daughter met her potential mate in a very unfortunate event.

How will the princess come clean with her mother's about her finding? Will this woman accept her for who she is? Does they have the power to said no to Selene, the Goddess of the moon and Mother of all vampire?

With everything that is happening, the underworld is trying to regained back their strength. Rogue werewolves and vampires trying to banished the royal family without any mercy. The rogue leaders having trouble to take orders from a woman such as the Queens. How would the royal family dealt with everything that's happening?

Will war erupted again? 

Will the princess and her bride finally having their happily ever after?


PS - This is a Futanari genre lesbian story. Please Google what is Futanari if you have any question.

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And so it happens just like that, no explanations, no nothing 10/10 makes fking sense all along, great plot FUK ME
Aahh.. my dear Essence.. it has been many moons since the last time I read your name..
Subtle much 😂😂, next time say instead of this , you know, just wondering, I mean, why not, maybe just FKING SAY SHES KINDA HOT
AinaHoneyBee AinaHoneyBee Dec 17, 2017
Little did they *well the hint is obviously stated in the title of this boom itself.. so.. hehe
It’s seems to me that she’s a cheeky little bastard that plays the fking hit and run tactic all over and over again.
So u mean that once she gets knocked up she will get stronger, wtfff are those logics, list me for it tho