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thirsty | park jimin

thirsty | park jimin

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formerly @DearVenus By daisukijimin Completed

A girl often goes to a boba shop to quench her thirst but one day a boy walks in and she realizes she's not just thirsty for boba

Honestly if you guys actually like dick picks then that's weird af. No girl actually likes getting those
I did this so my friend. Not to his dick pic to his height. He hates me cause I always call him smol and cute (cause he really is so smol and it's adorable 😂)
Channa_Mi Channa_Mi 12 hours ago
I'm sorry but I still need that blackmail and namjoon is not my bias so.....
That's usually how it goes, has this girl never interacted with hot guys b4
busra5314 busra5314 3 days ago
Since this is a Park Jimin fanfic imma assume that they will end up together.
                              Does that mean
                              She will be
                              Park Park?
I literally made fun of my friends eyebrows cuz she coloured them in and they look like caterpillars today 🐛🐛🐛