Free! X Reader Oneshots

Free! X Reader Oneshots

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Smol Bean By LittleMissFangirl21 Updated Feb 09

Requests are open!

These cuties are swimming their way into your heart, may it be freestyle, backstroke *snort* breaststroke *breaks out giggling* or butterfly. 

* Please note that I am no longer writing for the cinnamon rolls (Nagisa, Nitori and Momotarou) and Rei because I feel like I can't write about relationships with them to save my own freaking life. 

I WILL Write for:
*Haruka Nanase
*Makoto Tachibana
*Rin Matsuoka
*Seijuro Mikoshiba
*Sousuke Yamazaki
and *Kisumi Shigino 


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