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An alternate universe fan fiction based on the characters belonging to CL Stone's Ghost Bird Academy series.

Sang Sorenson, a highly driven and focused college student, begins to discover there is more to life than working hard and getting ahead. She is determined to succeed and doggedly pursues her dreams.

She starts meeting some guys, who begin to pursue her like dogs on a hunt. Will she be able to hold them off so she can obtain her goal? Or will she discover her goal is pointless if she has no one to share it with?

hahahahaha, I'm sitting here grinning like a fool for the simple fact that I have actually done this. Gotta love it.
I started reading this some time ago but stopped when I ran out of story, but now I'm ready for a binge read! Awesome start!
😂😂😂 That was a great first meet. I've read all this but my votes aren't showing.
Lexibox Lexibox Nov 29
This never fails to make me laugh no matter how many times I reread it!!
I'm rereading because I've just downloaded this on my phone and that's a different account than the one on my tablet and that's a cause for a reread!!
OH MY LORD! I love it!!! I almost died of embarrassment for her!