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My New Family Creepypasta x Reader

My New Family Creepypasta x Reader

32.8K Reads 1K Votes 28 Part Story
The_Forgotten_1 By The_Forgotten_1 Completed

Y/n meets the creepypasts's and becomes a family with them with your brother Damien but what trouble lies ahead of you?

 *CURRENTLY EDITING* So sorry for any misspelled words!!

booklover1300 booklover1300 6 days ago
Name: Rayden
                              F/C: Red
                              2/f/c: black
                              C/n: Midnight Shadows
                              R/c: blue
                              H/c: Black
Name: Lilac
                              F/c: Blue
                              2/f/c: Aqua Marine
                              C/n: Dark Moonlight
                              R/c: RAINBOW
                              H/c: Silver with black streaks
Nadiakat123 Nadiakat123 Dec 14, 2016
Rifkcjfmfmnsndjcjfjmrmemdfmmfrjejmscmmcjfrjejdjcjdjejdjjcjdjejskkxkkcjdjeje I feel like it Jeff tho...
creepy_Pastafangirl creepy_Pastafangirl Dec 31, 2016
The sinner!?!! Was listening to I write sins not tragedies LMAO XD
HeartLikeChina0412 HeartLikeChina0412 Oct 13, 2016
My creepypasta name would be either Syndrome, Injection or Tick Tock
SparrowTheKhajiit SparrowTheKhajiit Nov 12, 2016
C/n would be my one of Ocs Names
                              Hearess Kayla (thou peopel know her has h
                              Wolf Hunter 
                              Shadow Wolf 
                              Nomore iNsaNitY